People have been asking what they can do to help keep New Zealand 5G-Free.

Below you can find a list of action items for your consideration:

We appreciate your interest in the 5G issue and any support you are able to offer to the campaign to keep New Zealand 5G Free.

Useful information about 5G in NZ

As you may know, in addition to this website there is a Facebook page ( ) for this issue for NZ.

Please check out this link of our website or this one if you prefer videos) and FB page (if you have not done this already) to familiarise yourself with the 5G issue.

If you are FB, please follow our FB page because this is the easiest way for us to give you updates on the 5G issue.

If you would like to join an email list that covers the 5G issue, please go to and sign yourself up to this email list (as the newsletter for this website covers 5G as well as other issues related to so-called “smart” technology.)

Below is a list of basic steps that you may like to take to help with the campaign:

(NB: If you do plan to leaflet, please let us know which area so that we can ensure that you are not going to be duplicating someone else’s work.)

  • If you would like to write to your MP and/or the Prime Minister or other relevant Ministers, you will find their contact details here:
  • Buy (or print for yourself) a sticker for your car or letter box to show your support for keeping NZ 5G-Free.  (Here is the link for the stickers: )
  • If you would like to take on a local leadership role in your area, please contact us via the Contact Form at this link and more information can be sent to you.

Many thanks from all of us who share the vision of a 5G Free New Zealand.