Children and adults in New Zealand should not be subjected to the mass experiment currently being instituted by some of the telecommunications companies operating in NZ, which are deploying 5G in some parts of NZ – even though this technology has not undergone pre-market safety testing…

Below you can find a series of notices of non consent created by 5G-Free Waitaki that you can use to inform ministers in the current NZ government (or their successors, if there is a change of government or a post-election cabinet re-shuffle) that you do not consent to being subjected to 5G.

The ministers addressed in the notices of non consent that you can download further down this page include the Minister of Health, the Minister of Telecommunications, the Minister of Infrastructure, the Minister for the Environment, the Minister of Energy and Resources and the Minister of Civil Defense.

(NB: If you would like to send notices of non consent to other people in positions of authority in NZ, such as your local MP, please see this link and this link for other notices of non consent.)

These focus on refusing exposure to millimetre wave technology which could be incorporated into NZ’s 5G roll out as early as 2022. (The current version of 5G that has been deployed in parts of NZ uses pulsed microwave radiation.)

A supporting document on millimetre wave radiation may be downloaded below:

Downloadable Notices

Notice for the Minister of Health

Notice for the Minister of Telecommunications

Notice for the Minister of Energy and Resources

Notice for the Minister of Infrastructure

Notice for the Minister for the Environment

Notice for the Minister for Civil Defence

Notice for the Minister of GCSB & Workplace Safety

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