Electrosmog: The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution is a new book by NZ scientist Dr. Susan Pockett. The book provides a concise, well referenced explanation of how microwave radiation, which is now virtually ubiquitous in the environment due to the proliferation of wireless devices and associated infrastructure, can damage human health.

The book costs $25 (postage may be additional) and proceeds of the sales of the book will assist the Gisborne 5G-Free campaign. If you would like to purchase a copy, please send an email through the contact form stating “I would like to purchase a copy of Electrosmog: The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution and your email will be forwarded to one of the 5G-Free Gisborne team who will be in touch to let you know about payment options. Thank you.

Table of Contents for Electrosmog: The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution

• Part I: The Situation

Chapter 1: The technology

Chapter 2: Public exposure limits

Chapter 3: The regulators

Chapter 4: The ICNIRP Playbook

• Part II: The Evidence for health effects of weak (sub-thermal) microwaves

Chapter 5: Cancer

Chapter 6: DNA damage

Chapter 7: Immune system effects

Chapter 8: Diabetes

Chapter 9: Cardiovascular problems

Chapter 10: Wildlife

• Part III: The Mechanisms by which these health effects occur.

Chapter 11: The ‘official’ story

Chapter 12: Water

Chapter 13: Oxidative stress

Chapter 14: Brillouin precursors

Chapter 15: Membranes

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