SATURDAY October 10, 2020 has two events planned as part of the Campaign For Safe Technology & 5G Moratorium


Location: Bridge of Rembrance by the Riverside Market, at end of Cashel Street Mall, Christchurch CBD.

Time: To be advised. Please watch this space and/or check the 5G-Free New Zealand FB page which will be updated with the Christchurch event information when this is available.


We will rendezvous over the road from Aotea Square at 11.30am. (same place as we met for the January Protest – cnr. Queen & Wakefield Streets)

This is a great opportunity for us to be VISIBLE with our banners and placards and to give out information to like-minded people at other rallies taking place in Aotea Square.  Hopefully we can get some media attention too.

Let’s make a big impact in Aotea Square on October 10.

Please share this information to your networks – thank you.

Thanks for your support and please remember to share this information to help promote this event. Looking forward to seeing everyone there with banners, placards etc.

Special note to people who are electrosensitive – Aotea Square is a 5G zone.

Pre-written placards/signs you may wish to print and bring to the event in your area

Placards that can be printed:

Other good signs are at this link:  (This is also referenced at the link above.)

Leaflets on 5G to share with interested members of the public

Printable flyers/leaflets for handing out to passers-by who seem interested in the 5G issue may be found at this link  (There are also some posters at the above link.)

This link has a handy guide that gives suggestions for leafleting at public events:

Your 5G Free New Zealand Team -Working for Safe Technology in New Zealand

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